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What was the first bank in the United States

  On January 4, 1782, the Bank of North America opened its doors in Philadelphia, becoming the first in the USA, although by that time the country was still involved in the War of Independence (which ended in 1783 despite the fact that…


The ‘Buen Vivir’, a forum that wants to change the global indicators of wealth

  For the first time in Europe, elected representatives, local authorities, scientists, associations and committed citizens meet in what they have called the International Forum for Good Living , with the aim of reflecting on wealth indicators and acting together in the face…


Car Insurance: New Type Classes for 2016 now released

    Tuesday, 25.08.15, written by Christian Hafler With the new type classes 2016, which were published today, it goes in the motor liability insurance for 30 percent of vehicles in a new type class. In partial and comprehensive insurance, around 45 percent…